Cypress Hill Jamming 2019 Colombia

Cypress Hill Feat. Mix Master Mike – Jamming Festival 2019

Cypress Hill Feat Mix Master Mike
Jamming Festival 2019

Band of Gypsies “Elephants on Acid”
When The Shit Goes Down (RMX)
Throw Your Set In The Air
Throw Your Set In The Air (3º Verse Remix)
Sen Dog – Mi familia Colombiana que pinga pasa
Locos “Elephants on Acid”
Latin Lingo
Percussion Solo
Tequila Sunrise
Roll it up, Light it up, Smoke it up
Yo Quiero Fumar (I Wanna Get High)
Cisco Kid
Dr. Greenthumb
How I Could Just Kill a Man
Insane In The Brain

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Cypress Hill, Mix Master Mike, Los Ángeles, California, B-Real, Sen Dog, Eric Bobo, Jamming Festival 2019…

cypress-hill-colombia 2019
Cypress Hill & Mix Master Mike
Colombia 2019

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