Artistas y Grupos de Hip Hop / Rap por H


H20 – It’S A Dream (My Favourite Mix)

H20 – It’S A Dream (Techno Vogue Mix)

Ha – The Jet Black Handlin’ (Ge Ology Production) (1999)

Haan – Ft. Phoenix Da Ice Fire – Bless The Dead (Prod

Habitat – Kop-Dat

Haiku – Alanon

Haiku D’Etat – Pro Tool Robots

Haiku D’Etat Feat Aceyalone & Abtract Rude – S.O.S.

Hak – Blast No Doubt

Hakeem – Hip Hop Reborn

Half – A Mill Productions Another Homicide Scene

Half Pit Half Dead – Never Coming Home

Halfabrick – Ten Cuidao’

Halfabrick & Alterbeats – Family Ties

Halfabrick & E One – Street Essence

Halfcut – On The Come Up

Halrazzers – Here We Come (Rare Indie Rap)

Hand That Rocks The Cradle – Luv

Handz – Handz Of Def

Handz – Handz Of Defthe Cure (Indie Rap)

Handz – The Cure 1995′ Creative Brothers Inc

Hansoul – Giggolo Jig (Jiggin’ Mix)

Hansoul – Imagination (Imagine Dat Dis Mix)

Hansoul – Imagination (Philly Cheeseteak Mix)

Hard – 2 Obtain Ghetto Diamond

Hard – 2 Obtain Ghetto Diamond (Remix)

Hard – 2 Obtain Heels Without Souls (Remix)

Hard – 2 Obtain Ism Blues

Hard – 2 Obtain Li Groove [Remix]

Hard – 2 Obtain Local Hero

Hard – Way – Vibing

Hardcore – Lunatics The Loot Fatt In Ny

Hardcore – Productions Life Ain’T Long Remix ‘ 1993, In

Hardcore – Street El Jodido Vecindario [1993]

Hardway – One Time

Hardwe’Re – Fill In The Blanks

Hardwe’Re – Thats That Shit Slick Talkin’

Hardwe’Re – The Bricks

Harleckinz – Don’T Sleep!

Harleckinz – Represent The Real Hip Hop

Harleckinz – Things That’S Forever

Harlem – Knights Harlem Knights (Produced By Amedditc) (1999)

Harrog – Can’T Go With The Flow

Hasan – Salaam – Prayer Of A Sinner

Hasan Salaam – 15 Minutes

Hasstyle – Road To Success

Hatchet Men – Bastard Child

Hatchet Men – Fallen Soldier

Hatchet Men – Firing Arms

Hatchet Men – Hatchet Men

Hatchet Men – Skinned Alive (Mixdown)

Hatchet Men – Sunrise Sunset

Hatchet Men -What You Gonna Do

Hatchetmen – Black Smoke

Hatchetmen – Black Smoke Random Remix

Hated – Family Imposters (Radio)

Hated – Family Truth Is Truth

Hawdwerk & Jankport J – Believers Feat. Prophit & Avi The Most Ill

Haystak – It’S Ok

Hazakim –  Kadosh.Mp3

Hazakim – Liar, Lunatic, Lord Or Legend

Hazakim – Passover Lamb.Mp3

Hazidus – Da Fly Apostle Poverty’S Reality

Hazzardus – Conscept I Speak The Truth

Hdm – Da Professional (Dirty)

Hdm – Feeling It

Hdm – Real Mc’S (Clean)

Hdm – Real Mc’S (Real) (Produced By Nick Wiz)

Hdm – Real Mc’S Da Professional

Hdm – The Professional

Hdm – Uptown Anthem

Hdm – What You Looking For

Hdm – Who Wanna Waste

 Hdv – Niggaz + Bitchez = $ [93′]

Hdv – Sindy (Remix)

Head – Can’T Do Me Nada

Head – Everlasting

Head – Gee Or Mcee

Head – Push Da Button

Headnodz – Around Ft Mathematik

Headnodz – Call It Lies

Headnodz – War Crimes

Headrush – No Peace

Headrush – Run For Cover (1995)

Headshots – Look Into Our Wilderness

Headshots – The Dynospectrum Warfare

Headtag – Why Are You Still Up

Healing – The Hood Freestyle R U Kid, M2M, Masikah, Muslim Bilal, Mohammed Yahya, Quest Rah

Heather – B All Glocks Down (1995)

Heather – B Featuring Mop My Kinda Nigga (1996)

Heather B – All Glocks Down

Heavy – D Feat Big Daddy Kane, Grand Puba, Q Tip, Kool G Rap Clsmooth Don’T Curse (1991)

Heavy – D The Boyz Black Coffee (Extended Lp Version) (1994)

Heavy – D The Boyz It’S A New Day (Pete Rock Production) (1992)

Heavy – Jewelz 4Word Presents Terror Green ’45 Stitchez’ Ft Bobbito  Lord Sear (Official Video)

Heavy – Jewelz Presents 12 Block Mist (Unreleased Demo 94 95)

Heavy – Jewelz Presents Adagio! ‘The Obvious Archives Pt1’ Shipping 122!!

Heavy – Jewelz Presents Othorized Fam ‘Mugshots Vol 1’ (1995)

Heavy – Sedation What’S Da Deal

Heavy Metal Kings – Keeper Of The Seven Keys

Heavy Sedation – Somthinlight

Hell Razah – Indian Giver

Hell Razah – Labor Pains

Hell Razah Feat Ghetto Gov’T – The Invasion

Heltah Skeltah – Ape Food450

Heltah Skeltah- Boom Bap Bip

Heltah Skeltah – Chicka Woo

Heltah Skeltah – Clan’S, Posse’S, Crew’S Clik’S (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Heltah Skeltah – Da Wiggy

Heltah Skeltah – Featuring Louieville Sluggah The Prowl (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Heltah Skeltah – Magnum Force

Heltah Skeltah – Mfc Lawz

Heltah Skeltah – Midnight Madness (Dj Revolution Analogic Remix)

Heltah Skeltah – Originoo Gunn Clappaz Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka (Remix) (1996)

Heltah Skeltah – Place To Be (Shawn Jperiod Production) (1996)

Heltah Skeltah – Ruck N Roll (Prod. By Stu Bangas)

Heltah Skeltah – Soldiers Gone Psyco

Heltah Skeltah – The Square

Heltah Skeltah – Undastand (Da Beatminerz Production) (1996)

Heltah Skeltah, Das Efx, Glaze Ny, P Dap, Substantial, Loose, Agalla – Game Over

Heltah Skeltah, Rampage & Doo Wop – Feel The Vibe

Heltha Skeltha – Leflah

Hen – Gee Evil E I Ain’T Seen Nutin’

Hen – X The Stile Real Nigguhz Represent

Henok Achido – No Rest For The Wicked

Henry – Hill Ft Nikita – Think About

Herb – Mcgruff Exquisite (Frankensteeno Remix)

Herbivorz – Incessantly Ill Feat. Fiz The Ill Kid_ A

Herk – Swift It Ain’T Safe No More ( Rare 199 Ny Rap )

Hex – One & B.B.Z Darney – Realities

Hi – C Funky Rap Sanga

Hi Res Ft Datkid – Drop Of Poison

Hieroglyphics – 3Rd Eye Vision – Mics Of The Roundtable

Hieroglyphics – Fantasy Island

Hifi – C’ Que Les Negros Veulent

Hifi – Lesly L’Elevation

High – Council Seven Deadly Sins

High – Life The Slums

High – Side Infantry High Chant Contact

Hillfiguz -Boom!

Hillfiguz – Heaven Youth Hell (Nyc Random Rap 1996)

Hillfiguz – Not Enuff Time

Hillfiguz – Up On Prospect

Hillfiguzes – Break It On Down

Hillfiguzes – Pain (Nyc Random Rap 1995)

Hillside – March Of Cisterzian

Hillside – Potes

Hillside – Usual Suspects

Hillside – We Three Free Spirits

Hilltop – 3D  Crushin  Bussin’

Hilltop – 3D  On The Dope Side

Hip – City Swingers I’M The Man (1992)

Hip Hop – A Tale From The Hood Trailer

Hip-Hop – Culture The Fury The Soloist 1990

Hip-Hop – Fanatics Props 2 Pen [94]

Hip-Hop – Fanatics Smackdown

Hip-Hop – Vs

Hip-Hop – Wieners Brains And Brawn

Hired Gun – Originated

Hi-Tech – 24 7 (1996)

Hi-Tech – Book Of Life

Hitech,J – Treads,8Track,The Hermit Weak Minds Book Of Death

Hi-Tek –  24  7

Hi-Tek –  Book Of Life Part 2

Hi-Tek – 247 (Debonair P Remix)

Hi-Tek – 4 Degrees For The Streets

Hi-Tek – Breakin Bread

Hi-Tek – J Treds Weak Minds (1996)

Hi-Tek – The Tech’S Technique (Dj Shok Production) (1997)

Hi-Tek – Where It Started At (Ny)

Hi-Tek Ft Jedi Matrix – Pyramyndz Sos

Hi-Tek Ft Jedi Spectrum – Padlock

Hi-Tek Ft Jedi Spectrum – Padlock (Dj Shok Production) (1997)

Hitfarmers – C4Mula – Why Me

Hitfarmers – Doap Sick (Feat

Hitfarmers – Ft Mental Infinite – This Is Life

Hitfarmers – One Shot (Feat

Hitfarmers – The Harvest

Hithard – Chic On Da Side Killer Shark

Hitman – (Ran Reed ) Charles Mack

Hitman – (Ran Reed) All Over The Block

Hitman – Aka Ran Reed Real Niggas (Nick Wiz Production) (1994)

Hitman – Die 4 My Iggaz

Hjr002 – Terror Green The 1995 Demo Ep (Preview)

Hmk – (Heavy Metal Konnect) Fam Forever

Hmk – Why Ask Why

Hobo Junction – Nite And Day

Hobo Junction – ‘Nite And Day’ &  ‘Out Of The Woodworks_

Hobo Junction – Out of the Woodworks

Hobo Junction – Ridin Hot

Hobo Junction – Rock the Show

Hockeymask – Fork In The Road (Hq) Video (2010)

Hockeymask – Motherfuckinhardcore

Hodge – Head Nod (Concrete Remix)

Hodge – Head Nod (E Plugg Systemz Mix)

Hollow – Point Back To Reality

Hollow – Point Last Days (3 Chapters) Battle Theme

Hollow – Point Where We From

Hollywood – Native New Yorker (Radio Version)

Holocaust – Monarchs

Holocaust & White Lotus – Moonlight Weapony

Holy Ghostman – Coalition Of Kingz

Holy Ghostman – My Struggle

Hom – Hom Iz

Hom – You Wont Get It Feat Pretty Ugly

Home Brew – Same Old Day

Homeboy Sandman Feat Pack Fm – Bonkers

Homeless – Prince The Projects

Homeless – Prince The Projects Remix 1

Homeless – Prince The Projects Remix 2

Homeless Prince – The Projects

Homeless Prince – The Projects (Fip Remix)

Homeliss Derilex – Explanations (1995)

Homeliss Derilex – Fraudulent

Homeliss Derilex – Fuck You

Homeliss Derilex – I’M Swayze

Homeliss Derilex – Lesson One

Homeliss Derilex – Originator (Feat Encore)

Homicide – Snakes In The Grass

Honky – Hip Hop Don’T Ya Drop

Honky – Hip Hop Don’T Ya Drop (Bosskat Remix)

Honky – Sign Of The Times

Honky – Zealot’S Tragic Treachery

Honor Society – Breaking & Entering

Honor Society – Breaking Entering

Honor Society – Red Dawn

Hooded – Locust & Shu Melody – Tales From The Putrid Poet

Hoodratz – Bootlegga (Remix)

Hoodratz – Murdered Ova Nuttin’ (The Sneeze Mix)

Hoodtop Madness – Who’S Insane (Remix) Eye Ghot Skillz (Remix Instrumental)

Hook – 95 Percent Biz

Hook – Hands In Moshin

Hook – Where I’M Comin’ From

Hook – Where Ya At

Horeson – Jae And Eduardo Scizzahandz Translation Regulation

Horge – Head Nod (Concrete Remix)

Horror – City Aah’S Oohh’S ( Rare 1994 Ny Rap )

Horror – City Big Sha (Prince Paul Production) (1995)

Horror – City Headbounty

Horror – City Take It How You Want It (Prince Paul Production) (1995)

Horror – City Tattles Tale (Prince Paul Production) (1995)

Horror – City Wine Fi Kill [94′]

Horror – City You Got Flow (Original)

Horror City – Play It Close

Horror City Feat Resident Alien Superstar – Aah’S Oohh’S

Horror City Feat Resident Alien Superstar – Freestyle Fiend

Hostyle – Featuring Quik Live From New York (A Kid Called Roots Production) (2000)

Hostyle – Guilty (Godfather Don Production) (2002)

Hostyle – Keep On Movin’

Hostyle – You Know The Name (Godfather Don Production) (2002)

Hot – Butter A Jazzy Rhyme

Hot – Butter Follow Me

House Of Pain – Back From The Dead

House Of Pain – Fed Up

House Of Pain – Jump Around

House Of Pain – On Point (Da Beatminerz Remix) (1994)

House Of Pain – On Point (Groove Merchantz Remix) (1994)

House Of Pain – Over There (I Don’T Care) (’95 Radio Version)

House Of Pain – Put Your Head Out

House Of Pain Featuring Diamond D – Word Is Bond (Diamond D Remix) (1994)

House Of Reps – Grey Skies

House Of Repz – Stop Making Movies

Housing Authority – Siiight!!! (Ft. K. Ville)

 Hp – The 23Rd St Mafia You Can’T Fuck Wit It

Hsd – Despite Cement Boxin’ Gloves

Hubert – Daviz One4Puetz

Hugh – Lord Who Want Me Smash

Hugh – Masakela Don’T Go Lose It Baby (Test Pressing)

Humanreck – Deadly And Dangerous

Humanreck – Livin’ Life Like A Gangsta’

Humble – Hazardous Material

Humble – Hazardous Material (Live)

Humble – Solidified

Humble – To Be Expected

Hundred – Dollar Billers What’S Ya Hustle

Hungry Giant – A Cloud’S Meditation

Hunter – And Dazastah – Mystical Alliance

Hur$T – Husla$ Don’T Wet Dat (Rare Indie Rap) Ny

Hurricane – A Made Man

Hurricane – Ain’T From Around Here (1995)

Hurricane – Comin’ Off (1995)

Hurricane – Pass Me The Gun (1995)

Hurst – Huslas In Tha Q

Hus Kingpin & Rosewood – High Rises (Manu Remix)

Hustlers – By Choice Mr Buddy ( Ultra Rare 1992 Tx Rap )

Hustlers Of Culture – Boogaloo Honey

Hustlers Of Culture – Break The Beats

Hustlers Of Culture – Crumbs Crikey

Hustlers Of Culture – Flipjack

Hustlers Of Culture – Southside

Hustlers Of Culture – Southside (Remix)

Hustlers Of Culture – Taste Of The Bass Feat Eq

Hustlers Of Culture – What Is This

Hutu – Africa South’! (Dgyrick Remix 2009)

Hycelph – Da Supreme Child One Rhyme

Hyder Ali – If I Had

Hyenas – Live From New York With Funkmaster Flex

Hyenas In The Desert – – Otherside Of Midnight

Hyenas In The Desert – Can You Feel It Part 2 (Worldwide)

Hyenas In The Desert – Hyenas In The Desert

Hyenas In The Desert – Other Side Of Midnight

Hyenas In The Desert – Why Me

Hyenas In The Desert – Wild Dogs (Street)

Hyndu – I Feel You Faxinated

Hype – A Delics Mo’Funk For Your Ass

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