Artistas y Grupos de Hip Hop / Rap por U

U God Ft Ghostface Killah & Scotty Wotty – Train Trussle (2009)

U Know Who – Whatcha Got A Gun For (1991)

U Know Who – Who The Fuck Are You (1994)

Ubad – Life’S Gettin Rough

Ubad – Life’S Gettin’ Rough (Powermental)

Ubad – Rugged Nasty (895 Street Mix)

Ubad – The Legacy

Ubad – The Legacy [Radio Mix]

Ubad – The Legacy Lifes Getting Rough

Udi The Erratic Assassin Feat Holocaust White Lotus – Brain Stems

Ug – Do You (Know Who You) (Nick Wiz Production) (1999)

Ug – Illest Nigga Alive

Ug – My Nigga

Ug Feat Dv Alias Khrist – What U Want

Ugk – Ridin’ Dirty

Ugk Feat Lord Jamar Keith Murray – Live Wires Connect (Lord Jamar Production) (1996)

Ugli Kids – Eeny Meeny Miney Moe Spiritually Deranged

Ugli Kids – On Da Block

Ugly Tony – The Tower Of Babel Feat. King Magnetic

Alucard Respect Tha God & L.I.F.E

Ugo – Be True

Ugo – Bran Nu Flow Blowin’ Spots

Ugo – Dc Niggaz

Ugo – Feel This

Ugo – Make It Happen

Ugo – On Course

U-God – God Is Love (Ft. Cappadonna & Killah Priest)

U-God – Train Trussle (Ft. Ghostface & Scotty Wotty)

Ukraine In The Account Of Hip Hop Better Than To Argue With Us (2011) 

Ultramagnetic Mcs – Brainbender (Ft. Canibus, Prince Poetry & Rahzel)

Ultramagnetic Mc’S – Ego Trippin

Ultramagnetic Mc’S – Make It Happen (Remix)

Ultramagnetic Mc’S – One Two One Two (1993)

Ultramagnetic Mc’S – Poppa Large (Eastcoast Da Beatminerz Remix)

Umang – On A(Honor)Roll

Umang – Stay Focused (Cuts By Dj Grazzhoppa)

Umc’S – Blue Cheese (U N I Verse All Mix)

Umc’S – Time To Set It Straight

Umc’S Feat 321, Gold Rush Rux – Ill Demonic Clique

Umi – Ghetto Prisoners (Ft. Scribe & Dead Prez)

Un Da Dawgz – 1St Thingz 1St

Unanimous – Freshest on the Mic

Unanimous Decision – It Ain’T Clever

Uncanny – The Intergalactic Orchestra

Uncharted – Day

Uncle G – Call Me Uncle (1995)

Uncle G – Judge Not ( Ultra Rare 1995 Vi Rap )

Uncle Neph – No Joke (Rare Indie Rap) Tape

Undaground Flava – Git Down

Undaground Flava – Git Down (Wit Da Underground)

Undaground Flava – What’S Your Function

Undaground Solution – Sand Box (Rare Indie Rap)

Undaworld – Fuck Work ( Rare 1993 Ca Rap )

Undaworld – Undaworld ( Rare 1993 Ca Rap )

Undefined Da Mindbender – Sleepwalkah

Under Achieva’Z – Dc Rocks

Under Achieva’Z – The Newz

Under Achieva’Z – Wear Ya Rubbaz (Rare Indie Rap) Dc

Under Achieva’Z – Ya’ Betta’ Believe ( Rare 1996 Md Rap )

Underground Elements – The Duel

Underground Intellect – Nextx Shitt

Underground Mafia – Caught Up In The System (Down Low Vocal)

Underground Mafia – Caught Up In The System (Original Louisville Mix)

Underground Mafia – Dope Charge (Boom Vocal)

Underground Mafia – Gangster Walk (Gangster Bass Mix)

Underground Mafia – The Godfather (Tnt Hip Hop Mix)

Underground Professionalz – 5 Star Generalz (Al Niks & Dj Apokalypze)

Underground Professionalz – Bounce

Underground Professionalz – Bounce (Ft. Dj Apokalypze, Al Niks & Priceman)

Underground Professionalz – N.Y. Sleezy (Ft. Al Niks, Dj Apokalypze & Diabolic)

Underground Professionalz – Tear Em Up (Ft. Al Niks & Dj Apokalypze)

Underground Professionalz – Why (Ft. Dj Apokalypze Al Niks & John Otto)

Underground Rebellion – Theory Of Da Pumparosous (Indie Rap) Ca

Underground Sound Unit – Hit The Jackpot (1995)

Understatement – Leave It Alone

Understudies – Banshee Fly Cobb

Unified Mindz – Hiphop

Union Of Opposites – What’S It Worth

Union Of Opposites & Shonuph – Continuation

Unique – Axe Maniac

Unique – Die Hard ( Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Unique – I’M Untouchable ( Ultra Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Unique – Pure Dynamite

Unique – Rage Of A Master ( Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Unique – War Rap ( Rare 1989 Nj Rap )

Unique And Dashan – Blackwatch

Unique Poet Supreme – Lyrically Climbing ( Rare 1990 Ny Rap )

Unit Embassy – Capture

Universal 7 – Ain’T A Damn Thing

Unknown Mizery – Back To The Ark

Unknown Prophets – All In My Head Phobia

Unknown Prophets – Beat Generation

Unknown Prophets – I Dont Expect You 2 Understand

Unknown Prophets – Just Like You

Unknown Prophets – Mr

Unknown Prophets – Take It There

Unknown Prophets – The Wrong Route

Unknown Prophets – The Wrong Route Feat DJ Abilities

Unknown Prophets – Warning

Unknown Prophets – Writer’S Block

Unknown Prophets Feat Manchild – Changes

Unknown Rapper – Knowhow (Can Anyone Else Know What This Mix )

Unnamed Beat 2 (Updated Version)

Uno – Hip Hop (Remix)

Unreal – Jezebel

Unsung Heroes – A Changed Man

Unsung Heroes Ft L Fudge And J Live – Dummy

Upfront Mc – Got It Twisted

Uptown – Dope On Plastic

Uptown – Pulsions

Uptown Rebels – Sick Lunatic (1994)

Urban Assault – Let It Rip Comin Off Smoove

Urban Beatnics – Smoke Filled RoomUrban Native Sons – Here Come The Drums (Remix) (1993)

Urban Species – Listen (Kenny Dope Horn Remix) (1994)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Do It (1995)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Front Line (1995)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Hardcore Nights (1994)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Manifest Destiny (1995)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – My Kung Fu (1995)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Victory (1995)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – World Wide (1995)

Urban Thermo Dynamics – Worldwide

Urban Thermo Dynamics – You Can Run (1995)

Urbanites – Rock Tha Spot

Us – Get In Where U Fit In

Us – Seen What I Seen

Us – Were 1

Us Plus One – Dear Jenny

Us Plus One – For All My People Locked Down (Rare Indie Rap)

Us Plus One – Murder Me

Us Plus One – Poets Get Lyrical

Us Wrath – Operation Mountain Top (Da Big Heist)

Us3 – You Can’T Hold Me Down

Usd – The Place

Usephasan – Fore The Lov (Rare Indie Rap)

Ut D – Worldwide

Utfo – Life InThe Projects

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